JHU CTY 2014 Scotland

Welcome to the picture hub of the JHU CTY 2014 trip to Scotland. I'm setting up this site so that we may share pictures and information about our trip.

Picture Repository

Google Drive Picture Repository

The link above will take you to the picture repository on Google Drive. You'll need a Google account to interact with the picture repository. This is still new to me so we both may have a learning curve. In order to access the Google Drive, I'll need to add your email to the access list. This prevents others from viewing or editing the files. To request access, send me an email via the link below.

Request Access Via Email


The goal of the picture repository is so that we can share photos about the trip. Upload your photos that you would like to share with others. I'm creating directories for each of our activities. Do not use this location as you're only backup of your photos. The photos on this site may be deleted (planned or accidental) at any time.


My flight home was cancelled and so I'm just now getting to the site to create the photo repository and setting up the directories. I'll create more directories and upload my photos and video when I get a chance.


If you have questions, please contact me via the email below.